Are you a better candidate for buying or leasing?

Are you a Gastonia shopper interested in buying or leasing your next new vehicle? If so, we at Gastonia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are here to help you decide which financing option is the best for your lifestyle.

Best candidates for leasing

  • People who have a smaller budget
  • People who like to change things up every 2-3 years, because that's how long most leases last
  • Low mileage drivers who don't drive more than 12,000 miles a year
  • People who want to spend less on service, because pricier maintenance usually occurs after 3 years

Best candidates for buying

  • People who are okay with a higher payment at first, but the ability to be payment free in about 5-6 years
  • People who want to pass their vehicle down to another family member
  • People who may want to do a private sale in the future
  • Drivers who travel a lot of miles for work or pleasure
  • People who want to heavily customize their vehicle

These are just some key examples, but we think the most important is making sure you don't travel more than 12,000 miles per year, since overage charges on mileage can get costly.

We're happy to help you decide which option is best, but did you know you can do a lot of the number work from the comfort of your couch? Once you're onto a model page, use our "Structure My Deal" payment tools. You'll find them below the vehicle cost. Use personalize payment and you can play around with the monthly offer. This tool works for both buying or leasing, so you'll get a good idea of the difference between the two, if costs are a big factor.

Afterward, stop into our Gastonia dealership for a test drive and formal sit down with our financing team!

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